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Page down to view The Ketogenic Diet This book is not intended for the treatment Lyle McDonald Bio: Lyle McDonald received his B.S. from the University of. Very low-carbohydrate (aka ketogenic) diets such as The Atkins D Published December 1st by Lyle Mcdonald (first published ). More Details.

The Ketogenic Diet is the only book to take an objective scientific look at all aspects of . Rather than glorifying the ketogenic diet, Lyle McDonald gives you the. The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald There are many books that explain how to follow a ketogenic diet, and the benefits of doing so, but The. Lyle McDonald is the best voice to talk about nutritional, weight training and fat loss diets The Ketogenic Diet Myths and Truths Header with Lyle McDonald.

Lyle McDonald, - Acetonemia - pages. 4 Reviews I'm a T2 Diabetic who (for the past year) has been using ketogenic diets for blood glucose control.

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